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Our Mission

Our desire is to grow wrestling at all levels and develop opportunities in memory of the Dan Hodge legacy. 

Powerful hands in the ring, giving hands out of the ring

His powerful hands kept  giving throughout his life.  He continued giving back to the sport of wrestling by handing out medals at little league tournaments and would be happy to give his autograph when someone asked.  He was the commissioner of the Oklahoma boxing league and was a keynote speaker at events.


The Dan Hodge Foundation has been created by his loving family. Hodge was a devoted husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather. The wrestling community provided support and love to Hodge throughout his career that was cherished. This is a way to continue the legacy and give back to the wrestling community, for all generations past, present and future.


“He has been such a great role model for me. Growing up and getting to learn from him has been nothing short of amazing. He was amazing on the mat but, he was even more amazing as a grandpa.” – Tyler Cline, Grandson

"Growing up and hearing stories of grandpa's career always seemed larger than life. They provided with me so much pride and confidence. I remember watching him interact with millions of people where he shook their hands and made them feel special. Most people know him from his career, but I know him as a fisherman, card player, practical joker, mentor, and most of all the best grandpa I could have ever asked for." – Patrick Hodge, Grandson 

"He was an amazing man who I will always look up to as a husband and a father. He taught me the value of hard work and never settling for mediocrity."  – Brent Hodge, Grandson


Chapman: Hodge Foundation Shares Sport’s Greatest Mementos



contact us

Dan Hodge Foundation

PO Box 385

Guthrie, Oklahoma 73044


Tel: 405-726-1192 (Patrick Hodge)

       580-336-7913 (Tyler Cline) 

       405-639-9710 (Brent Hodge)

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